Ad Hoc GPS Navigators Vs Mobile Phone Navigators

Ad Hoc is a Latin term which means a purposeful task. In general, Ad Hoc is a solution for a particular task or a problem which cannot be utilized for any other purpose. Thus Ad Hoc GPS navigator refers to a device which is ultimately used for satellite navigation purpose. Nowadays, these navigators are amended with the latest mobile phones as applications. We will discuss the aspects related to both Ad Hoc satellite navigators and mobile phone navigators.

Satellite navigator is a device which makes use of satellite and displays the maps and paths as requested by the user. The map is updated automatically as the user moves. It is usually called as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). With a global coverage of areas, spatial global positioning is achieved with this GNSS. Thus usually it is referred as GPS (Global Positioning System). The maps are delivered with the help of radio waves from 24 to 32 satellites revolving around the earth which are received by the GPS receivers present at the user side. These GPS receivers purvey three dimensional locations for the users along with the current time. Such navigators can be used in many applications like military, marine, aviation etc.

The Ad Hoc GPS navigator is used only for this navigation purpose. No additional applications are amended with this device. Hence instead of using the device alone, it is better to have this application with some other electronic gadget. Yes, it is possible nowadays with the latest mobile phones. Most of the advanced mobile phones in the market are incorporated with this GPS navigator. Another reason is that people used to give higher priorities to the mobile phones with GPS facility.

In mobile phones, the GPS receiver may be internal or external. Internal in the sense, it is inbuilt with the device and external receiver is achieved with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. A number of commercial navigation software is available for the mobile phone GPS facility. The degree of coverage varies with the displacement of the user and the user accessibility. The GPS navigator in a mobile phone is termed as A-GPS (Assisted GPS). Sometimes this A-GPS may not function properly when they are out of range from the signal availability. In such cases, a process called tethering is used to enhance the function of the navigator.

Though Ad Hoc GPS navigator is handy and compact, it is even better to have this compactness within your mobile phone which is comparatively mandatory for you whenever you go out. Sometimes, mp3 players may be found available with the Ad Hoc navigators especially for attaching the device in a car. Anyways, your car may already be having a high quality digital surround sound system in it. So, definitely this mp3 player with the navigator will not be of any use to you. Another thing is that mp3 player is already inbuilt in your latest mobile. Not only in the latest one, are almost all the mobile phones coming with mp3 player these days. So, purposefully, you need not prefer an Ad Hoc GPS receiver since it has mp3 player in it.

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