Accident Claims Calculator – How Much Compensation Could You Be Entitled To?

The claims industry in the UK has been going pretty strong for a fair few decades. An official road traffic accident claims portal ( has been designed which allows Solicitors and Claims Management Companies (CMC’s) to run claims in a similar manner, resulting in a fairly set way in which damages are calculated.

Whilst whiplash claims form the majority of all motor claims made, the reality is that you could be injured anywhere after an accident.

I’m going to take you through a guide, which after reading, should hopefully give you a better idea of what kind of compensation you could receive.

This guide on injury calculations is a broad example of compensation amounts. Any exact compensation would be based on the injury specific to that individual and similar accidents can result in different consequences and losses.

Right – Let’s start at the top!

Head and Neck – head and neck injuries can vary dramatically and we would always strongly recommend you speak to an expert when a head injury is concerned. Guide prices for compensation are as follows; brain damage (£9,875 – £257,750), minor head injuries (£1,400 – £8,100), cheek bone injury (£1,500 – £10,100), jaw fractures (£4,100 – £29,000), facial disfigurement (£2,500 – £62,000), eyes (£2,500 – £172.500), ears (£8,000 – £70.000), whiplash or neck related (£850 – £95,000), psychiatric damage e.g. chronic fatigue or post-traumatic stress disorder (up to £62,500).

Torso or back injuries (£5,000 – £108,000), shoulder (£2,750 – £30,750), chest and lung (£20,000 – £35,000), asbestos related claims (£30,750 – £81,500), fractured ribs (up to £2,500), food poisoning (£600 – £33,500), Quadriplegia (£206,750 – £257,750), Paraplegia (£140,000 – £181,500).

Arm Related Injuries – arm injuries (up to £191,500), shoulder injuries (£2,750 – £30,750), wrist injuries (£2,250 – £38,250), hand injuries (£600 – £129,500), finger injuries (£23,500), loss of thumb (£22,750 – £35,000), vibration white finger / hand arm vibration (£1,900 – £20,250).

Finally, Leg Injuries!

Leg Injuries – (£5,750 – £180.000), knee injuries (up to £61,500), ankle injuries (up to £32,000), foot injuries (up to £128,500), toe injuries (up to £36,000).

I hope this guide has helped you understand a little bit more about what your accident claim might be worth. You can now make more of an informed decision as to whether you think you should make a claim.

Many sites have an accident claims calculator to help you work out what compensation you might get.

The easiest thing to do if you remain unsure is to have a chat with a claims company. You might decide you don’t want to go ahead and make a claim but it’s always worth speaking to an expert first just to put your mind at ease.         

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