The Man Who Was Afraid of Losing His Job – A Law of Attraction Success Story

This story was told by Raymond Holiwell in his book, Working With The Law. (This is the book on which the hugely popular and successful 11 Forgotten Laws Program is based)

Mr. Holiwell says that one day late in the fall a man came to him and told him that he was afraid of losing his job. (Doesn’t that sound familiar?) The man had worked at a hotel for many years and for the first time business was very slow.

In fact, business was so bad that rumours were circulating that the hotel was going to be closed down until spring, and all the employees would be without jobs until they re-opened. The man asked Holiwell for advice. Holiwell told him to “Go back to work …If The Law (God) determines your supply and position, then no one but The Law (God) can change it for you.” Mr. Holiwell went on to tell the man that if he was laid off but kept his faith, then another opportunity would open up. He told the man to get ready for a prosperous year ahead.

The man did as he was told. The rumors became reality, but while many of the other staff were let go, this man was retained. And because of his faith and enthusiasm, he was given more work and an increase in pay.

So what can we learn from this story?
1. God is the source of everything. And that source has an unlimited supply of everything you need and everything you could ever need. Scarcity exists in only one place–YOUR MIND

2. We attract what we think about and expect (The Law Of Thinking and The Law Of Attraction) If the man had entertained his thoughts of fear and lack, he would have been laid off like all the rest.

The 11 Forgotten Universal Laws are either working for you or against you, but they are operating all the time. Just like The Law Of Gravity, they cannot be changed. If you want to live a happy and prosperous life, then you need to live in harmony with these laws.

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