The Fish Symbol for Jesus Christ

The symbol was created in Babylon. There it represented Dagon, the fish god. Its origin has to do with the sea and the belief that it continues above the earth as the sky. Looking towards the horizon the latter is indistinguishable from the ocean and in the primitive minds of the day they would have dreamed of being fish-like to get up into it. The stars and celestial bodies all appear to float around in the hemisphere and so the gods that inhabited it would have appeared like sea creatures.

It is likely that the first boats sailed out into the oceans to try to reach ‘heaven’. There is a lot of evidence in support of that notion. For instance, remnants of sea craft shaped like the crescent moon remained with all ship building designs until two or three centuries ago.

Ships of the early sea-faring explorers had raised bow and stern in keeping with this look, although somewhat modified to house the living quarters.

Egyptian mummification rituals saw bodies bandaged into the shape of fish while the Pharaoh was taken along the Nile in a boat. Religious myth has it that he passed through a veil to enter the Nether-world in which he swam upwards to the heavens after passing through the lower reaches of the earth.

The builders and inhabitants of Babylon were the Amors who raided and conquered every nation until they had a huge empire throughout Mesopotamia as well as around the Mediterranean. Their chief God was Mari (Mary) and they name one of their Capital cities after her. The remnants of that are found 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. Their next Capital was Roma (reverse Amor) and Constantine was a direct descendant.

He established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD based on his Islamic principles brought over from Assyria. He put the Mother God into it as Mary, mother-of-god, and he invented Jesus Christ, who is modelled on Chrish-na (Krishna) the third person of the Vedic Trinity. One of his characters is Vish-nu, and these are also branches of Babylonian Islam.

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